Our BodyCam are presented at the High-Tech Fair

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Author : Yolanda
Update time : 2022-04-15 10:04:15

5G transmission · "vision" world is in front of you

At this police expo, Jingawah & Philips will bring the latest 5G smart law enforcement instrument equipment, audio and video data acquisition equipment (JWD8788), 1080P high-definition 30X optical zoom control ball (4G) and new 4G/5G dispatching system application solutions together Appearing at the exhibition site, the fusion of ingenious manufacturing and new wisdom, based on modern technology to benefit social construction, focusing on the efficient advantages of intelligent applications, in the aspects of audio and video recording, data sharing, emergency dispatch, intelligent mobile applications and security big data construction, etc. Bring you professional experience in the cutting-edge field!

Mobile big data intelligence 4G/5G efficient scheduling

The modern intelligent terminal dispatching platform system, combined with the application of 4G/5G intelligent audio and video recorder, effectively exerts the advantages of modern communication technology, realizes real-time data sharing and timely information transmission, and meets the requirements of urban big data system construction to a high degree. Work record execution and background command and scheduling establish a stable and comprehensive application experience.